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 6th and 7th Science 
Girls Athletic Coordinator 
Girls Physical Education 
Head Boys and Girls Cross Country
Head Girls Track and Field
School Number:817-202-1500
Coaches Office: 817-202-1534
Room C119
Conference Time: 2nd Period 
8:48 AM - 9:37 AM 
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Attached below are each grade level YAG
This will give you a break down per six week along with the TEKS
6th Science - Year at a Glance  

Introduction to Sixth Grade Science:


Science Notebook

Scientific Investigation

Matter and Energy:

Elements & Their Symbols

Elements in the World

Elements & Compounds

Evidence of Chemical Reactions

Metals, Nonmetals, & Metalloids


Earth and Space:


Layers of the Earth

Classifying Rocks

Plate Tectonics and Geologic Events


Celestial Object

Space Exploration

 Force, Motion, and Energy:
Potential and Kinetic Energy
Calculating Speed
Graphing Motion
Balanced & Unbalanced Forces
Pulleys and Inclined Planes
Forms of Energy
Energy Transformations

Organisms and Environments:


Classification of Living Organisms

Characteristics of Kingdoms

Organization and Interactions in an Environment

Alternative Energy Resources

7th Science - Year at a Glance
Introduction to Seventh Grade Science:
➢ Equipment
Flow of Energy
Force and Motion
Factors Impacting Earth Systems
Organisms and the Environment
Introduction to Cells
Structures and Functions of Cells
Structures and Functions of Living Systems
Energy Changes in Digestion
Response to Stimuli
Genetic Variation and Adaptation
Videos - Texas Ecoregions