Smith Middle School

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Rebekah Whitehead- G222

Tutorials: Monday and Thursday 7:30-7:50 or upon request

Conference time: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:00 - 3:45

                                                                                                            Tuesday/Thursday -  9:40 - 10:26



Mrs. Whitehead's 8th grade ELAR classes

8th Grade English—This course places emphasis on the comprehensive study and continued mastery of grammar, composition, and vocabulary.  Students will develop higher-level cognitive skills through journaling, composition, and other activities to begin creating independent and critical thinking skills.  Some literature is included in the curriculum as a complement to and reinforcement of skills taught in reading classes.

8th Grade Pre-AP English—This is a writing intensive course that develops higher order thinking skills through the integration of grammar, composition, and vocabulary into the majority of assignments and activities.  This course lays the foundational skills for high school Pre-AP English through the introduction and repeated practice of AP strategies, research, various forms of compositions, creative writing, and SAT vocabulary.  Further TAKS and SAT test preparation is also incorporated into the curriculum through the analysis of various genres of literature, journaling, timed-writing, and integration of other subject areas into lessons.  This comprehensive course lays the groundwork for the PSAT, SAT, AP exams, and the STAAR tests.