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My Schedule

1-Inclusion Support/ARDS
2- Inclusion Support/ARDS
3. Inclusion Support/ARDS
4.Inclusion Support/ARDS
5. Inclusion Support/ARDS
6. Inclusion Support/ARDS
7.Inclusion Support/ARDS
8. 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade SPED Casework/5th grade Transition ARDS
9. SPED Lifeskills Wrap up/Bus Loading

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Parent Communication

Parents are notified through the mail, through email, with a phone call and by their student taking home a letter in their backpack. This multi-layerd approach assures parents are kept in the loop and completely aware of all meetings concerning their child. It is the parent's responsibility to check their students backpack daily for communication and notices from the school. It is also the parent responsibility to keep their email up to date with the school registrar. 

ARD Facilitator

 As the ARD facilitator of Smith Middle School, I rely on parent and teacher communication when developing the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Performance statements presented in the ARDs.