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      8th Grade Math & Algebra
Contact me at
Room # G-211
Conference Time 
                                                                                            Monday/Wednesday/Friday -  3:00 - 3:45
                                                                                        Tuesday/Thursday -  8:48 - 9:37
Tutorial Time
Mrs. Brecht
Most afternoons
Mornings by request
Ms. Barkman & I work as a team
to ensure 8th & Algebra math tutoring
needs are met
Welcome to 8th Grade Math and Algebra.  
I am hoping to provide you with some useful information through this site in order to assist you to get the most out of Cleburne ISD and myself as your Math Teacher. 
Here are 3 of my top suggestions for the start of the year.
1. Supplies
If you are purchasing the optional calculator I only recommend the TI-84 CE. This is the exact unit that we teach and provide instructions with in the classroom. If you are wanting to have the ability to practice @ home this will provide the same base structure, taught in the classroom. 
2. Chrome Books
It is crucial that the school provided Chrome books are fully charged each day before starting of school. Most of our lessons will be done through an online portal utilizing the Canvas program to access text books, study guides, lessons and other items. Assignments are accessed through Canvas. I would also encourage you to browse my Google Website, where you can find motivational math videos, STAAR review, EOC review and slide presentations.
3.  Free SAT Personalized Practice
Students will take the PSAT during 8th grade.
 Access this personalized practice by linking together Collegeboard and Khan Academy following the directions below. 
How does Collegeboard and Khan Academy now work together?
Find out here how Khan Academy has exclusive access for personalized PSAT/SAT practice based on your individual score via your access code (located on the front of your PSAT score printout).

How to link Collegeboard & Khan Academy (You tube Video)


It is a 3 step process:  

1. (now changed to - create account

2.   link accounts - click "sign in to"

3.   send scores to Khan Academy


PLEASE don't use just any username or password. It needs to be as stated below. To view your scores and interact with your test data.
Students go to
Log in info: user name: firstinitiallastnamelastfourdigitsofSSN
password: firstandlastinitialstudentIDnumber
To sign up for Khan Academy:
Log in info: user name: firstinitiallastnamelastfourdigitsofSSN
password: firstandlastinitialstudentIDnumber
They will merge the two accounts through the Khan acct.
Other resources:­­­,