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6th Grade » Google Email & Drive

Google Email & Drive

Google Email & Drive:


All SMS students have a Google Email/Drive account.  Their sign in username is their email address, which is their lunch code followed by  Passwords are their six digit passwords used in elementary.  Once you ‘Sign In’ in Google you can go to email or drive.


Email Accounts:  Student email accounts can only receive emails from accounts in the school district’s network.     


Google Drive:  The “Drive” is where students documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are created and stored.  AWESOME!  And the best part about it… students can access their files at school, home, or anywhere they have Internet access!  No need to save to a flash drive or cd!  All their work is in the ‘CLOUD’!  

Sign in with school email: (##### = lunch code)

password: six digit password used at school