Smith Middle School

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Bond 2018

DREAM Team Information

D.R.E.A.M. Team Program

Dedication Responsibility Education Attitude Motivation

Our goal in implementing this program is to assist and encourage our students to take responsibility for their learning, overall education and work ethic. In order to take part in this program the students must meet the following criteria each six weeks:


  1. Must have an overall average of 90% or better. (All classes will be added up and then divided equally to determine their overall average. excluding conduct)
  2. Cannot have more than two excused absences. (It is of the utmost importance that students turn a note into the attendance clerk as soon as they return to school.)
  3. Must have a 100%  in conduct.
  4. Cannot have any unexcused absences!
  5. NO TARDIES (only exception is 1st period)